Antonino Ubaldo Caltagirone

Antonino Ubaldo Caltagirone


The Gentleman's
Tradition in the Art of Business

Elegance and Irony, Business and Pleasure, Experience and Vision.

My vision intertwines the classic with the innovative; some call me a visionary, others see in me a strategic advisor with an entrepreneurial spirit that challenges conventional schemes.

For over forty years, my mission has been to guide Institutions and large Groups along paths of growth and development, merging the art of business with the tradition of the gentleman.


Adventures in the Uncertain: My Favorite Game.

I tackle obstacles and uncertainties as starting points for a journey of strategy and innovation, finding in the unknown and complexity the true essence of my work.


Years of Experience


Strategic Consultations




Cigars Gone Up in Smoke

The truth is accessible to all

Patet Omnibus Veritas

I carefully select the projects I undertake, orienting myself towards challenges that not only require a high level of expertise but also reflect a bold and ambitious vision.

  • Strategic Advisor

    I assist and support in crucial, delicate, and strategic decisions such as acquisitions, mergers, demergers, and partnerships.

  • Corporate Restructuring

    I design comprehensive corporate restructuring projects and define strategies and operational tactics.

  • IT Architectures

    I develop IT transition projects, automating business procedures, from management to production, allowing owners to control the company with a simple click.

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Professional Profile

My professional career began in the 1980s with roles and experiences in large companies, below are the most significant ones.

Jam Communication s.r.l.since 2021

Corporate strategy consultant

My task is to transform vision into strategy, strategy into action for Corporate projects

Romesince 2015

Institutional Political Consultant

Communication strategies

Gruppo Caltagirone Holding s.p.a.2000-2010


Leader of construction, IT, healthcare, communication, and publishing companies



Daily newspaper L'Opinione

Gruppo Fininvest1994-1995

Chief Executive Officer

CEO of Pagine Italia s.p.a. Gruppo Fininvest

Seat Pagine Gialle s.p.a.1984-1994

Business Unit Leader

Development and relationships with major clients

Istituto Ambrosiano Finanziario s.p.a.1985-1986

Chief Executive Officer

"Casamercato" Project. The launch in Italy of the first Real Estate Agencies in Franchising

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Essays and Books

My life has been an exciting journey of discovery of beauty in all its forms, a journey that has enabled me to realize numerous goals and turn dreams into reality.

Today, with humility and gratitude, I am dedicated to sharing my accumulated experiences and lessons learned, through speeches and lectures, inviting others to embark on their own journey toward elegance, taste and good manners, in a continuous exchange of knowledge and passion.

  • Managers and Corporate Style

    An analysis of the role of management in shaping corporate culture, with a perspective that combines the elegance of the gentleman with the modern demands of business.

  • The New World: The Secrets and Power of Communication in Interpersonal Relationships

    A study that emphasizes how effective communication can transform professional relationships, reflecting values of mutual respect and courtesy.

  • The Relevance of Communication Processes in Client Management

    An exploration of how communication influences interactions with clients, emphasizing the importance of discretion and elegance in dialogue.

  • The Secrets of Style - Discover the Gentleman Within You

    A reflection on the importance of personal and professional style, inspired by the principles of refinement and integrity that define a true gentleman.

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